furniture company
We use only high-quality eco-friendly material
at our production
laminated chip board, a base board covered with different decorative elements
влагостойкое ДСП Е1
полимерный клей
ламинат высокого давления
ламинат высокого давления
A universal construction and decorative material. Since production of HPL plastics uses natural components, this material is considered environmentally friendly.
пластик HPL
PVC film
PVC film for front surfaces is a non-toxic material made without volatile plasticizers. The main advantages of this film are resistance to moisture, chemical substances and non-inflammability.
Closet profile
The composition of our support system contains a special aluminum-based ally. Production includes a special extrusion technology which enables to increase life cycle of the profile and makes it almost noise-free.
вертикальный профиль
Браш Никель

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Drawing-room
  • Kids room
  • Hall furniture
  • Closets
  • Office furniture
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